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    Communism is the history lesson to be garnered from the 20th century. First burned into the history books from Germany, France, and key American capitalists, it cast its dark shadows over the Soviet Empire and Asia to engulf about a third of the world’s population. During a White House meeting regarding ISIS, after calling Nancy Pelosi a "third rate politician," President Donald Trump stated that the Kurds were Communists, and all the Democrats must be incredibly pleased about that. Trump labeling the entire Democrat Party as Communists was not carried by the mainstream media. 


    The White House stated that, over the last 100 years, totalitarian Communist regimes around the world have murdered more than 100 million and exposed countless more to violence, exploitation, and devastation.


    Using the pretense of liberation, Communist rulers robbed populations of their rights of free worship, freedom of association, and other rights we in the United States deem sacrosanct. Citizens, promised freedom, instead  found themselves subjugated through fear, violence, and torture.


    Obama talked about growing the “Movement" in college. It was all about, for Obama, collectivism, and wealth redistribution, which would net him and his wife $100 million over 10 years. The classic institutional gangsterism, rob from the poor and the middle class and give it to the rich Communist leaders, has been a theme of Communism for every major Communist movement and country in the world.


    Communists now lead the Democrat Party, if not the Deep State.. Let's take a close look at its history and methods and why you and your family will always be under attack as Americans. Let’s see who falls on the “Blacklist.”


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